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So~ liviet – my good friend Kana and I decided to share a community together, and here I am~
I may not be as a GODLY iconist as she I feel rather shy to post mine, pffft but oh well (no seriously) since I like to make them |D

ICONS; one hundred and sixteen
♦ Black Cat → 07
♦ Pandora Hearts → 09
♦ Tales of the Abyss → 20
♦ Other Tales → 06
♦ One Piece → 44
♦ Umineko → 08
♦ Vocaloid → 10
♦ Other (Pokemon, Double Arts, Touhou, Ookami Kakushi, Reborn, Hetalia) → 12

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Thanks for viewing ///♥
Edit: Will update with links (asap) to original artistsss :3 *GOES SEEKING*


Posted by liviet on 2010.07.29 at 15:46
Hello there, it's been a looong time since I last posted, hahaha. Well, half of it was I just don't make as many icons as I used to before, and another half is... my computer died a couple month back. I lost nearly all of my iconing stuff sadly. DX But! I'm slowly working towards posting another icon post. So hopefully will one will pop up sometime soon. |D

Anyway, the real meaning of me posting is to welcome servantrider to this community!! Yume is a very good friend of mine and we just recently decided it would be fun to share a community together so... WELCOME YUME!! Hopefully you will make this community a bit more alive again.

And that's all. I will hopefully return again with an icon post soon!


Posted by liviet on 2009.12.31 at 12:12
Current Mood: busy
Current Music: 777はラッキーキッス♡•メグッポイド
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HAPPY NEW YEARS! I didn't make it in time to say MERRY CHRISTMAS and things liike that, but I hope you guys all had great holiday! Not as many icons as I wanted to have in this post, but I wanted to post before the new year. Hopefully I can make more marvoulos icons in times to come! I couldn't find any good scans for PokeSpe icons sadly, but I hope they turned out okay. ;w; I'm wishing you all have a wonderful New Years, and that 2010 is an amazing year for you!

Hetalia (23)
Pandora Hearts (58)
Pokemon Special (25)

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007 one-hundred-and-eighty-seven

Posted by liviet on 2009.11.03 at 21:14
Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: ドリィムメルティックハロウィン•ボカロ合唱
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Hello! This is notefall, just in a new journal! I hope I don't confuse anyone. Anyway, thank you so much for the 150+ watchers!! I would really like to make a request post for you guys, but I'm also trying to do the NaNoWriMo, so I might wait until later/next month. ;w; Aaah, I hope you enjoy the icons!

gakuen alice (20)
hetalia (39)
kimi ni todoke (44)
pandora hearts (84)
banners (06)

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006 eighty-eight icons

Posted by notefall on 2009.09.20 at 18:02
Current Mood: chillin
Current Music: ❝Time&Space❞ 鏡音リン・レン
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First of all, A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE 100+ WATCHERS AND ALL THE LOVELY COMMENTS YOU GUYS GIVE ME. Really, it makes me want to cry ;w; This time, there's not as much icons as usual... |D;; A few weeks ago, I remembered I read Shaman King a bit back when I was young, so then I ended up sitting at the bookstore for hours reading Shaman King LOL. I really like it though. |D (I kinda didn't use any reference for the Shaman King icons. Oops.) SORRY THERE IS SO LITTLE HETLIA OMG.

hetalia (16)
pandora hearts (32)
shaman king (40)

the new world's beginningCollapse )

005 one-hundred-and-thrity-three icons

Posted by notefall on 2009.08.12 at 00:39
Current Mood: weird
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WHY DO I ICON ONLY MANGA SKJGKSJDG. It takes forever to color all these pictures. I'm trying a new coloring style for Pandora Hearts. |D Uuuhmm..... I WAS FORCED TO ICON THAT ESTONIA. FORCED.
Spain and Romano are trying to take over the post.


gakuen alice; 38
hetalia; 42
pandora hearts; 53
etc. - banners; 8

take as many chances as you canCollapse )

004 one-hundred-and-seventy-eight

Posted by notefall on 2009.07.12 at 23:50
Current Mood: exhausted
Current Music: ❝Butterfly❞ Superbus
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IT'S BEEN A WHILE SINCE I'VE POSTED HUH? Aaasgusgu, some of these icons have been sitting around for a while, because I kinda didn't icon for a while. ;A; For some reason, it appears that I went on a variation spree, so there's like 10 different versions of some pictures, hahahaha....

hetalia; 108
k-on!; 38
toradora!; 32

you run like today is already overCollapse )

003 one-hundred-and-thirty-seven

Posted by notefall on 2009.05.28 at 23:17
Current Mood: tired
Current Music: ❝死せる者達の物語 - Ιστορια -❞ Sound Horizon
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I was just iconing some Hetalia, and before I knew it, I had a ton of icons LOL. I actually had more pictures and stuff I was gonna coloring, but I decided to just leave those for the next icon post. XD I've been trying my hand at shading and stuff too. 8) Hmm, some of the K-On ones aren't too good, it'll try better next time. ;w;

hetalia; 99
k-on!; 38

I guess life was supposed to be this way after allCollapse )

002 one-hundred-and-fifty-nine icons

Posted by notefall on 2009.05.14 at 00:35
Current Mood: sick
Current Music: ❝炉心融解❞ 鏡音リン
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Finally an icon post! Most of these were made a month ago, but the Hetalia ones took me forever because I'm just that lazy LOL. Expect like.... tons of Hetalia from now on, hahaha;; (I was going to color Grandpa Rome and friends too, but got lazy at the last minute. So if anyone needs those for some reason... I can make them later haha.)
Errr... Nothing else to say. If there's anything wrong with the post, I'll fix it when I wake up because I'm sick and should be sleeping hahaha. ENJOY THESE!?!!

hetalia; 70
kuroshitsuji; 28
shugo chara!; 22
toradora!; 39

we should have never hurt each other the way we didCollapse )

001 one-hundred-and-three icons

Posted by notefall on 2009.05.01 at 01:22
Current Mood: working
Current Music: ❝ワールドイズマイン❞ ryo
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This is just me, copying my old post from my old icon community over here. Nothing new or anything like that, lol. Something new will be up soon though... I hope. Anyway, here are some month old icons...?

kuroshitsuji; 30
shugo chara!; 24
toradora!; 49

not like we'll always understandCollapse )